intro: shanna

this is shanna IMG_2536 she is the second of us 4 girls. sometimes she suffers from middle child syndrome; most of the time she provides all of us girls with steady and wisdomous advice. she recently married steven, who is a pretty cool guy:) here’s them on their wedding day. which was like the awesomest wedding ever.IMG_8730

before she got married, shan was the ultimate employee at our parents’ store, managing the deli single-handedly. she also performed many other tasks at the store in addition to her deli commandeering. now, she’s an adorable housewife living in the south, where she cooks many a delicious meal. if she ever tells you she can’t cook, don’t listen to her! she is amazing cook, her specialty being ribs, scrambled eggs, and cereal. and cheesecake. she got herself a puppy recently, to entertain herself

this is pollyIMG_1569

she is the cutest cuddliest thing. and she has an instagram @pollythepoochon. follow her.

shan is an excellent photographer. like takes professional pics at weddings excellent. if you’re getting married, definitely consider her for your photographer *wink*. she also is super crafty, great at diy-ing. she recently re-covered her couch. like the entire thing. i know.  and she’s like a super-sewer she loves a variety of colors, glitter,  her husband, her dog, making supercool things, writing things in her awesome handwriting, eating bacon, donuts, guacamole, and cake(probably only because serena makes her eat the cake she makes). she also makes the best chicken salad. ever. so you’ll likely see food, diy/sewing, random inspiration, excellent photos, and other wonderful posts from shanna.


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