aaand bethany

bethany is the third of all of us so she has the most well rounded character. none of this oldest daughter, second-child syndrome, or spoiled youngest stuff going on.


she is married to darren, who is pretty stinkin cool. we like him, and both of them actually. they live in frigid minnesota, and bethany even helps milk cows on the dairy farm. she cray. they have no children but do happen to have a cat named henry who has a hilarious personality.

she is a super wife, cooking and decorating and cleaning and canning and whipping up all kinds of diy projects. she sews and OH she finds the best deals out there at thrift stores and yard sales. you wouldn’t believe how little money she has spent to make her house so awfully cute.

hopefully she will show her face around here once in a while and talk about her farming life, her ridiculous thrifty deals, her made-up recipes, and her diy decorating.

also, only one blurry pic cuz my dumb computer and dumb starbucks wifi which is being sucked up by college kids, not even kidding.


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