intro again: janell

janell is the oldest and you can tell. jk. she has outgrown the typical oldest sister traits such as bossing and being the ‘mom’ of all younger siblings, and dancing in front of mirrors. except i can’t verify that she has actually outgrown that last one.

janell is married to gabe, who is awesomely cool, and she has 3 kids who are 4 and 2.5. they’re fun and hilarious and squishy and adorable.


janell is a super mom because she works hard to help her family be happy and she throws herself into cooking good and healthy and delicious food for them, making their home a cheerful and fun place, and collecting vintage fisher price toys for her kids to play with. because seriously, how could you grow up well without playing with the original ‘little people’?

she likes to craft and decorate and if she ever gets around to posting on here, it will probably be about food, mom-ing, crafty stuff, decor for which she wants public opinions, or something like that.


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