intro: serena

a bit about one of the contributors to this blog:


serena is the youngest, and therefore the most spoiled of the sisters. however, she has been brought up fairly well, due in part to the care and instruction of her siblings.

serena works super hard at our parents’ store. she manages and orders and stocks and cashiers (cash registers? checks people out?). she also makes snacks for herself and wanders around, bored and aimless at times.

in her spare time she makes cakes, either for herself or for people who know the magic of her bakery and know they can order special cakes. she also sews and diys cool things and styles her room and takes pictures and goes on vacation with mom & dad and sends ridiculous pins to shan.

she likes the color mint and the foods bacon, sprinkles, s’mores, donuts, cheese, fries, and all manner of tasty flavor. she cooks gourmet things that normal people would never randomly attempt.

if she gets around to posting on this blog, it will probably be recipes, food, bacon, a photo shoot, hilarious things from pinterest, diy, or random nonsense which you may choose to ignore.